Clean-Up QC 240 isolations


The Q-Cube Clean-Up kit is developed to run on the QIAGEN QIAcube

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The Q-Cube Clean-Up kit is developed to run on the QIAGEN QIAcube.

It is equivalent to the following QIAGEN products:

  • QIAquick PCR Purification Kit #28104

With the Q-Cube Clean-Up kit you will receive fast and reliable results. The advantage of this kit is that you don`t need to buy any additional buffers and reagents. The Q-Cube Clean-Up kit offers everything you need to automate your isolations on the QIAcube.

The kit contains minicolumns and reagents that enable the purification of post enzymatic reaction DNA fragments using the following QIAcube protocol:

• Protocol Sheet Cleanup QIAquick PCR Amplification Reactions Standard V4 including mini columns and all buffers and reagents.

You can run your samples using the existing QIAcube protocol sheets with the compatible Q-Cube Kits.

The QIAcube Protocol Sheets are available here.

For research use only.
QIAGEN, QIAcube and QIAquick are registered trademarks of QIAGEN.

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