Barcode-Stage 96 tubes upgrade kit


Barcode-Stage 96 tubes upgrade kit

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Smart Barcode Reading upgrade for your Lab Routine.

Upgrade your automated Liquid Handling platform with our Barcode-Stage. It comes with a compact design, a control Software which can be fully integrated in the process flow. The Barcode Stage can read all 1D Code types.


  • Automated or Stand-Alone Operation
  • Fast and safe Identification of Tube Barcodes
  • 16 Tube-Carrier for various Tube Types
  • for 48 or 96 Tubes
  • Manual Loading of Carriers
  • Control Software, full Integration in Process Flow
  • Upgrades almost all Liquid Handling Robots
  • 3 or 6 Tube Carriers (16 Tubes/Carrier) for up to 96 Samples
  • For almost all Liquid Handling Platforms PerkinElmer JANUS, MPII, QIAGEN, Tecan, Beckman etc.
  • Tube Presence Verification
  • Fits to Liquid Handlers Positioning System
  • Automatic Identification of multiple Tube Types Control
  • Read all 1D Code Types such as 2/5 Interleaved, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN 128, EAN/UPC, EAN Adendum, Codabar, Pharma Code, etc.

Pre-programmed Barcode Types:

Features of the Control Software:

  • Graphical and List View of scanned samples
  • Worklist Export
  • Labware Definition included
  • File Formats: *.txt, *.csv or others for any downstream process
  • Interaction with Liquid Handler Software
  • Colour coding for corresponding sample registration
  • Additional data input via hand scanner possible
  • Table with sample barcodes and position
  • Detection of empty positions
  • Automatic cassette identification
  • Automatic file export

The following items will be included in the Barcode Stage:

  • Barcode Stage Base Unit with magnetic back panel and Teflon gliding foil
  • Tube Cassettes (depending on order)
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Power Supply 12V
  • Serial Connection Cable for Scanner
  • USB to Serial Converter (optional)
  • Installation Disk with Barcode Stage Control Software and QIAsoft Protocol
  • User Manual
  • Cassette Tray (depending on order)

Installation can be ordered seperatly.

We also offer Service for your QIAGEN BioRobots, please contact us for more details!


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